Born in vienna and raised in a very musical family the piano soon became my elected instrument. After school due to the study of music I soon grow into the viennese and austrian music scene, which subsequently made me travel around the whole globe with various artists and projects.
I am glad to be where I am and happy to live my passion - that's what my music and playing is all about.



1981 started with piano lessons at the vienna music school

1993 finished school and studied jazz piano at the vienna conservatory

1998 began to study "IGP" at the vienna university for music

1999 Master diploma at the vienna conservatory

2002 started teaching at the community music school of amstetten

2012 began to teach at the vienna conservatory for pop music



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guglgasse 8/2/85
a-1110 vienna
mail: info(at)
phone: +43 1 969 03 04

web 2.0

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